Taxi Cab Fares, Rates and Fees

It is nearly impossible to determine exactly how much a taxi ride will be. Taximeter totals will vary widely depending on time of day, day of week, route taken, or destination.

But we can certainly tell you how the meter in each cab works and how these charges accumulate.

First 1/13th mile $3.30
Each additional 1/13th mile $.20
Waiting time per hour $30.00
McCarran Airport property surcharge $1.80
Credit \ Debit Card fee $3.00
Fuel surcharge included in mileage rate $0.20

When you get into a taxicab, the driver will start the taximeter and an initial charge of $3.30 will register. This charge is referred to as the “drop”. If a taxi ride originates at any McCarran Airport property, an additional airport surcharge of $1.80 per trip is added to the taximeter.

After the initial “drop”, the taximeter will assess a fare of $2.60 per mile. That is 20 cents for each 1/13th of a mile traveled. If the taximeter senses that the taxicab is moving at a rate less then 8-12 MPH, the taximeter will assess a charge of 20 cents every 24 seconds, which comes to $30.00 per hour for waiting time. That is why the taximeter continues to accumulate charges even when the taxicab is not moving. Once the taximeter senses the taxicab is moving at a rate of greater than 8-12 MPH the fare calculates on the actual distance traveled.

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