What is Long Hauling?

What is Long Hauling?

The State of Nevada defines Long Hauling as, a taxi driver who takes a longer route to the passenger’s destination than is necessary, UNLESS a different route is requested or agreed to by the passenger.  A driver shall not: Deceive or attempt to deceive any passenger who rides or desires to ride in the driver’s taxi and the driver shall not INTENTIONALLY take a longer route to the passenger’s destination than is necessary.

Facts About Long Hauling:

At Frias, our professional taxi drivers know our city best and depending on factors such as time of day, convention or special event traffic and current accident information, there are many times when they will recommend a route they believe is best to provide you with a better customer experience.  These routes will sometimes, but not always result in a slightly higher fare, but will most likely save you time and the frustration of sitting in high levels of traffic.

Things to Keep In Mind:
  • Our streets, especially Las Vegas Boulevard, can get very congested with traffic, construction, etc. and drivers could try to avoid those delays by taking alternative routes.
  • Sometimes, the highway is a much better route than using Las Vegas Boulevard to get to hotels on the north end of Las Vegas Boulevard and Downtown.
  • Las Vegas has had many new streets we call “alternative routes” open in the last decade.  These routes may not be the most direct, but often result in a lower fare to our passengers due to time savings.
  • The most direct route could end up being more expensive if you get stuck in traffic as our meter calculates wait time.
  • Most of the time, we find that our customers want to get to their destination in the shortest amount of time so drivers may default to the quickest route that may not be the shortest in mileage.
What to Do:

In filing a complaint with our company, we hope you consider the above factors first, but if you still feel as though one of our drivers intentionally took a longer route than necessary, we want to know about it.

The first thing you should do if you suspect long hauling is to ask your driver why they decided to take this route. They may have a valid reason such as traffic or construction for taking a less direct route and forgot to mention it to you.

If you feel the answer is not valid or you are unsatisfied, you can fill out our “Long Hauling Suspicion Form or call us at 702.888.4888. To fill out this form, you’ll need the date, approximate time of day, pickup and drop off destinations, and cab number. We will not share your contact information with our drivers.

What We Will Do:

Our management team will look at your GPS ride details and review it. Our team is highly trained to spot long-hauling by our drivers. You’ll hear a response from us about whether you were long-hauled and what follow up steps will be taken, if necessary.